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PVC Foam Board
PVC Foam Board
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PVC board (PVC foam sheet) as a substitute for wood termite and water repellent, light suitable for application sign, display, letters emboss, 3D models, up to interior decoration as a substitute for wood triplex function. Texture matt / dove in both a smooth surface is ideal for a sticker, digital printing, screen printing and paint. Lightweight, not broken, waterproof, chemical resistant, UV resistant, weatherproof, not decayed, and very easily done. The most ideal products for the needs of the world of advertising. Application Advertising: sign, display, billboards, digital printing with UV curing flatbed printer Building: ceiling, partitions, wall coatings creative Products: sculpture and carving art, 3D models

PVC Foam Board Solid coated by a layer of PVC, white colored hubcaps Material thickness 2mm, 5mm, 10mm, and 19mm. widely used for retail display, peyekat rooms on stilts, and the interior of the room Excess Pvc Foam Board
• Lightweight, floating on the water
• Waterproof, resistant to changes in temperature and weather.
• Resistant to UV light (white) and chemicals.
• Anti termites, bacteria and other insects.
• Do not broke, do not rot and does not rust.
• Reduce noise and heat
• The surface is smooth and flat across the field
• Easy processing, transportation and storage
• Can be nailed and bolted without a "slip"
• Can dicutter, sawed, drilled, shaved and regular sandpaper.
• It is ideal for the job carving, sculpture and engraving
• Can be formed by heating, ideal for the process of embossing (embossed, etc.) • Can be glued with PVC glue strong

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